dedicated to all of the creative costume variations of Doctor Who's iconic blue phone box. Submit yours here:


My TARDIS dress on its adventures through time and space…


Dcc for the win!!!! The beautiful woman in the tardis dress is @tyjannasaurus on twitter!!!


My first and most loved cosplay, I’ve worn the TARDIS dress to a number of conventions. First 3 pics are Anime Boston 2014, the 4th is Rhode Island Comic Con 2013 and the 5th is Rhode Island Comic Con 2012. This is my first sewing project and I’ve made a few updates each time I wear it. I will be next wearing it at ConnectiCon 2014!


30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who
Day Seven: Take a selfie in front of a TARDIS!

Ok I cheated slightly, these are not selfies but any excuse to post cosplay pictures.